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Commercialization Feature: Internal Value Communication 

If you’ve ever helped a client evaluate a product for its potential commercial success, you’ll understand the importance of developing a robust commercialization strategy and an “aspirational” value proposition early in the product’s development. 

Once evidence starts to become available to support the value proposition for the product, the real challenge begins: How do you synthesize the salient data and efficiently communicate it through your client’s global affiliates so they can maximize the product’s potential across many, disparate local markets? 

At Covance, we work directly with consultants like you to plan effective market access strategies and create compelling material designed to maximize your client’s market success throughout the world. Our internal value communication solution offers the potential to:  
  • Improve product access with a clear strategy
    A clear market access strategy is required to maximize a product’s commercial potential. The plan’s development and communication is crucial to ensuring that all relevant internal stakeholders are working toward a common goal for the product. 
  • Align teams to make the most of each locale’s launch
    A global launch must be carefully orchestrated to ensure that all teams are aligned to present consistent messaging about the product’s value. While a proposition must encompass the entire outlook on a global scale, effective internal value communication is necessary to support its adaptation locally to reflect varied market situations.  
  • Educate teams to speak to full value
    With the level of health economic and market access acumen potentially varying among markets, consideration needs to be given to the education of team members to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and understanding necessary to communicate the value of a product.
  • Get you more from a Global Value Dossier (GVD)
    A GVD should clearly communicate the value proposition for a product and act as a source for communications with the multitude of stakeholders who make or influence market access decisions. You must confirm that a GVD meets the needs of its many users and provides support to local teams to ensure that the value of the product is appropriately and consistently communicated to health technology assessment agencies (HTAAs) and reimbursement organizations across the globe
It is essential to know how to communicate value more effectively to internal stakeholders in order to make the most of a product’s potential. Let us serve as an extension of your team to ensure that your client’s product maximizes its market access—with the right messages, at the right time.
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This issue of Consultant Connection discusses the importance of communicating product value to the many internal audiences that make up a product’s route to market.
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Reveal Your Client’s Commercial Opportunities—Globally

Growing a product’s market potential is no straightforward task. It requires a team of experts to provide scientific, strategic, analytical and communication solutions, all aligned with the end goal in mind. 

From insights that empower decision making to strategies for reimbursement and regulatory support, we provide an integrated approach to uncover the full value of your client’s product. 

As the only organization in the world that can shepherd a molecule from its very infancy all the way through a product launch and in-market support, we understand that you’ll face potential pitfalls along the way. That’s why we support you to define your client’s communication strategy and proactively address challenges—before they affect commercial potential. 

Make the most of your market access process with a fully integrated set of evidence-based solutions that demonstrates the full value of your client’s product, from anywhere in the world. We’re here to show you how

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