Safety Pharmacology Society
Annual Meeting
23-26 September | Barcelona
Our team of safety pharmacology leaders are excited to attend SPS this fall; the following individuals will be attending and presenting:


Applying Hemodynamic Translation Data to Preclinical Decision Making
Jill Nichols, PhD (part of the Continuing Education Course:  Cardiovascular Translation from Animals to Man)


Drug Discrimination Cannabinoid Validation in the Female Lister Hooded Rat.  
Sharon Rowton, Iain Porter and Beatriz Rocha

A Preliminary Investigation into Daytime Activity Patterns During Codeine Withdrawal in the Rat.
Marcus Chamberlain and Sharon Rowton

Comparison of impact of administration route (oral gavage and continuous infusion) on whole body plethysmography results using a respiratory stimulant in conscious rats.
Allister Williams, Angela Batman, Jill Nichols and Marcus Chamberlain

Abbott Free Style Libre for continuous Tissue Glucose Measurement in Cynomolgus Monkeys and Assessment of the Effect of Training on Glucose and Cardiovascular Parameters.  
Marc Niehoff, Theresa Bartko, Jörg Luft, Marc Luetjens and Jill Nichols

Evaluation of PhysioTelTM Digital M11 Cardiovascular Telemetry Implant in Socially Housed Cynolomgus Monkeys using Etilefrine and Moxifloxacin.  
Marc Niehoff, Theresa Bartko, John Kremer and Jill Nichols

Feasibility of the Proposed CiPA Ion Channel Protocols.  
Stacey Wilson, Rachael Hardman, Gavin Foad, Elizabeth Johnson-Sutcliffe, Karim Melliti

Individual QTc Drift Correction by Core Body Temperature in the Göttingen Minipig.  
Elisa Estaca Banon, Kate Read, Karim Melliti

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